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March 2018

District 23

District 23
PO Box 27783
Ralston, NE 68127-0783
c/o Kathy G.
Area 41 Treasurer
Nick K.
16758 Arcadia
Omaha, NE 68116

Central Office
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General Service Office
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District 23 Meeting Notes Date: February 1, 2018

Warren W. DCM
Cliff V. Alt DCM
Kathy G Treasurer
Janine J Treasurer
Marilyn C Newsletter
Lori B. Event Chair
Geri S. Webmaster
Jim R. Institutions/BTG
Jack C. GSR – 12×12 Sat 12:15
Scott S. GSR – Sunday Morning 10 a.m
Lisa S. GSR – Sunday Free To Be 10 am.
Melissa K. GSR – KISS
John M. GSR Papio 12×12
George C. GSR So Happens Its Thursday
Len S. GSR TGIF Friday

DCM (Warren W.) I had the opportunity to attend the Area 41 meeting in January in Columbus. I am extremely proud
to be representing an active and healthy district. I will distribute the Newsletter to meetings in the next couple of weeks.
No major voting issues or anything earth shattering to report. I would encourage anyone who is interested to join us in
April at the next meeting. Please let myself or anyone on the District 23 committee know how we can help your meeting
or group. I’m looking forward to the next 2 years!
Thanks for allowing me to serve,
Alternate DCM (Cliff V.) Hi, this being my first District meeting as Alt DCM. I’m in the process of
figuring out what my responsibilities are. I am working with Warren to determine what needs to be done
and how to go about doing it. I have started looking into the list of District 23 meetings. Submitted a
list of the meetings listed on the Area 41 website, (area41.org). Cross referenced them with what is
in the current Where & When book and the website omahaaa.org. Made a list of these meetings, with
addresses and corrected names, (according to the Where & When and omahaaa.org).
I am sure I will be a little more acclimated to the position by next month, and will report accordingly.
Gratefully in service, Cliff V
Treasurer (Kathy G.) Submit to Motion to accept treasurer’s report as presented. Seconded & passed.
Distributed 2018 Budget to each chair for review.
District Donations can be remitted to: District 23 Treasurer PO Box 27783 Ralston, NE 68127-0783
Secretary (Janine) January meeting minutes were submitted electronically to all members on the contact list on
January 4. Requested any updates or corrections by 1/10. No updates or corrections submitted. Requested that the
meeting minutes be published in the newsletter. Motion to accept January, 2018 meeting minutes. Seconded &
passed. Please submit reports for the next district meeting to district23aa@gmail.com after your meetings.
 Events (Lori B) No report.
 Newsletter (Keith B.) No report.
 Mini Workshop ()
 Grapevine (.) 
 Archives (Craig J.) No report.
 Central Office (Kevin M.) No report.
 Hotline ()
Hotline week 2018: Mar 26-Apr 1; June 4-10; Aug 13-19; Oct 22-28; Dec 31-Jan 6, 2019
Link to Hotline schedule: http://www.omahaaa.org/Post/sections/3/Files/Hotline 2017.pdf
 CPC/PI (Michele B) I went to the first CPC/PI meeting. All members are new but one. The only item in the works is to
see if we can somehow work with the local nursing schools and their CEU’s. Some districts are forming sub
committees for local projects. As never having held this position I am open for suggestions, thanks.
 Institutions/BTG (Jim R) I’ve been trying to make arrangements to start back into Tecumseh (TSCI) but the Club
Volunteer Coordinator hasn’t returned my calls. My guess with the turmoil within the prison they’ve possibly suspended
volunteer work into the prison. I’m also trying to get a foot in the door at Sarpy County but AA from Bellevue have been
going for several years. I was told a few years ago that anyone can join them if wanted but I believe District 23 AA
would benefit more if we have our own identity in the Jail. I’m trying to get Sarpy to give us a separate night but not
sure they will. I have a close friend that’s the Community Relations Officer and he’ Trying to make it happen. I haven’t
reached out to Douglas County, Potawatomi, Cass, or NSP in Lincoln yet.
If interested contact Jim R.
 GSR Reports
Len – A41 treasurer does not always get the appropriate funds allocated correctly for each group.
 Old Business: Considering altering Newsletter position to a D23 website.
Do we want to create a website position?
Do we want to have 2 separate positions?
Matt S and Geri S will work up a proposal to submit to members.
Proposal presented by Geri S.
Website domain d23ne.org
Cost $48/year for WordPress subscription
Content ideas: newsletter, meeting minutes, events, event flyers, archives, mission statement
Warren Motion to create a new webmaster position. Seconded. Passed.
Nominate Geri to be webmaster. Seconded. Passed.
Motion to pay $48/year to WordPress to publish D23 website and use domain d23ne.org.
Open Positions:
Newsletter Chair nomination Marilyn C. Motion to have Marilyn C. be newsletter chair. Seconded. Passed.
Grapevine Nominate Greg P.
Hotline Nominate Judd
Mini Workshop – open
New Business:
March New business: 2018 budget
Create a D23 mission statement.
Open Positions that still need to be filled: Grapevine, Hotline & Mini-Workshop
Area 41 2018 Meeting Dates: April 7-8; July 21-22; October 13-14
Ramada Columbus Hotel and Conference Center 265 33rd Ave Columbus, NE 68601
Area 41 Treasurer
16758 Arcadia
Omaha, NE 68116
Next Meeting: Thursday, March 1, 2018, 6:30 p.m. Trinity Methodist Church & Community Center 8009 Q St Ralston

District 23 Treasurer’s Report
February 2018

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