PDF FORM: June 2018

1-877-AA-OF-NEB (1-877-226-3632)

June 2018

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District 23
PO Box 27783
Ralston, NE 68127-0783
c/o Kathy G.
Area 41 Treasurer
Nick K.
16758 Arcadia
Omaha, NE 68116
Central Office
4901 Dodge St
Omaha, NE 68132
General Service Office
Box 459
Grand Central Station
New York, NY 10163


7:00 p.m.

6:30 p.m. (April 5, 2018)
Trinity Methodist Church & Community Center 8009 Q St Ralston

Sponsorship and Service Workshop Event is May 5.
Planning meetings are:
Sunday, April 15 11:30 a.m. Chapter VI
Sunday, April 29 11:30 a.m. Chapter VI

6:00 PM
June 7, 2018
July 5, 2018

Trinity Methodist Church & Community Center 8009 Q St Ralston

May 28-June 3
Aug 6-12

AREA 41 2018
July 21-22; October 13-14

Yours in Service

DCM Warren W. 402-990-8586
Alt. DCM Cliff V. 402-659-5466
Secretary Janine J 402-677-4978
Treasurer Janine J 402-689-7734
Newsletter Marilyn C 402-690-0448
Archives Craig
Events Lori B. and Kyle K. 402-616-0111
CPC/PI Michele B.
Institutions/BTG Jim R.
Grapevine Greg B. 402-740-3088
Hotline Judd D. 402-659-0253
Webmaster Geri S. D23NE.ORG
Mini-Workshop: Kathy O’K 402-498-9870

194 Character Defects.

These are from a website called Realistic Recovery, not an AA approved site.  Food for thought only.  Note all that apply.defects.pngAA Slogans and Quote’s

  •   God=good orderly direction
  •   Be as enthusiastic about AA as you were about your drinking
  •   You received without cost, now give without charge
  •   Humility is our acceptance of ourselves
  •   Trying to pray is praying
  •   Get it —give it—grow in it
  •   Faith is not belief without proof but trust without reservation
  •   We’re responsible for the effort not the outcome
  •   This is a selfish program
  •   Ego=edging God out
  •   Keep your sobriety first to make it last
  •   I drank: too much—too often—too long
  •   AA will work if you want it to work
  •   Minds are like parachutes—-they won’t work unless they’re open
  •   What you hear and see here, stays here
  •   Alcoholism is the only disease that tells you you’re all right
  •   If you turn it over and don’t let go of it, you will be upside down.
  •   An AA meeting is where losers get together to talk about their winnings
  •   AA is a school in which we are all learners and all teachers
  •   God taught us to laugh again but God, please don’t let us forget that we once cried
  •   Serenity is not freedom from the storm but peace amid the storm
  •   AA may not solve all your problems but it is willing to share them
  •   It isn’t the load that weighs us down–it’s the way we carry it
  •   Principles before personalities
  •   When you do all the talking you only learn what you already know
  •   The 7 t’s —take time to think the thing through
  •   There are none too dumb for the AA program but many are too smart
  •   We all have another drunk left in us but we don’t know if we have another recovery in us
  •   To be forgiven we must forgive

Newsletter Articles
Send to Marilyn C.
Please submit by the 15th of the month.



District 23 Meeting Notes Date: February 1, 2018


Warren W. DCM
Cliff V. Alt DCM
Kathy G Treasurer
Janine J Secretary
Marilyn C Newsletter
Lori B. Event Chair
Kathy O. Mini Workshop
Craig J. Archives
Michele B. CPC/PI
Jim R Institutions/BTG
 Judd D.  Hotline
 Tim K.  GSR – Sat 8AM
 Joel B.  GSR –  Thurs 8:15 Smokeout
 Jack C.  GSR –  12×12 Sat 12:15
 Matt S  GSR –  Tuesday 8:15 Big Book
Jack C  GSR – 12×12 Sat 12:15
Scott S  GSR – Sunday Morning 10am
 Lisa S  GSR – Sunday Free to Be 10a
 Melissa K.  GSR –  KISS
 John M.  GSR –  Papio 12×12
 Len S  GSR –  TGIF Friday
 Randy F  GSR –  Rocksolid
 Mike I GSR –  Candlelight 10:10 PM
 Justin S.  GSR –  We Are Responsible
DCM (Warren W.)

Greetings District 23! I attended the Area 41 Meeting 4/7 and 4/8 in Columbus. Our newsletters will be here in the next couple of weeks and I will have them at our next meeting. There were a couple of items that I feel are very important to discuss. Long story short, we are now fully sales tax and 501(c) 3 compliant with the State of Nebraska. For a considerable period of time we were not charging sales tax for our literature/grapevine sales and we have now corrected that and paid the past due amount from our prudent reserve. I have a full report from our treasurer if anyone wants to take a look at it.

Looking forward to our Service and Sponsorship Workshop! Thanks for all the work that has been out in.

In Service,

Warren W.

Alternate DCM (Cliff V.) Made contact with 1 GSR and got paper work completed to get group registered and members as the primary contact w/ GSO.  Please reach out to me if you need help.  Having conversations with A41 to determine current meeting roster.
Treasurer (Kathy G.)

Motion to approve treasurer’s report as submitted.  Seconded and passed.

District Donations can be remitted to: District 23 Treasurer PO Box 27783 Ralston, NE  68127-0783

Secretary (Janine)April meeting minutes were submitted electronically to all members on the contact list on April 5.   Requested any updates or corrections by 4/11. No corrections were submitted.  Requested that the meeting minutes be published in the newsletter. Motion to approve April meeting minutes, seconded and passed.  Please submit reports for the next district meeting to district23aa@gmail.com after your meetings so they can be added to these notes.
 Events (Lori B) The District 23 Sponsorship and Service Workshop is May 5th.  Thank you to the Events Planning Committee for all their hard work.  There are some new ideas that will make the Workshop fun, as well as informative.  There will be a break until the next event – the Cornhusker Roundup.  Please consider helping with this event. Thanks for allowing me to serve, Lori B.
 Newsletter (Marilyn C.)I had 80 copies of the May Newsletter printed this time.  40 for the Sponsorship and Service Work Shop and 40 for distribution at the District meeting and meeting halls. I get a lot of ideas from the Internet on recovery websites and from A.A. literature.  With the literature I properly cite the reference per GSO and Grapevine.  I am trying to do articles relating to the number of the month.  May, 5thstep and tradition and concept.  June, 6thstep, tradition and concept etc.  Please consider writing a short article about AA. It can be about recovery, a step or tradition.  I am still looking for other people to write articles.  Try to get someone you sponsor to write an article.  Or your sponsor. Or yourself They can be submitted to me at mjcbellevue@gmail.com.  by the 15thof the month.  Thank you for letting me serve.  Marilyn C.
 Webmaster (Geri S.)Matt Website has been updated and full front page.  Has newsletters and meeting minutes in pdf format.  Would like input from others on what we could add.  What would you like to see on the website?  Discussion about adding D23 meeting list.  Alt DCM will give updated list to be published.  Upcoming events. Email msnell@unomaha.edu.
Institutions/Bridging the Gap (Jim R) There’s five more men that have committed to going to institutions. John T. & I attended AA on May 17 at TSCI and the meeting was small but believe we planted a seed of hope. Hope to have a table set up at the Service & Sponsorship Workshop. Jim
 Mini Workshop (Kathy O) May 20 1 -3 p.m.; Vince & Tim K will come and speak to talk about service and what it has done for their personal growth.  Am hoping that there will be a lot of newcomers in attendance.
Grapevine (Greg B.)  No report
Archives (Craig J) Archives will be reviewed on 5/20 11:30 a.m. Chapter VI. If you are interested, please come help.
 Central Office (Julie F) No report.
 Hotline (Judd)


Hotline week 2018: May 28-June 3; Aug 6-12; Oct 15-21; Dec 24-30

Link to Hotline schedule: http://www.omahaaa.org/Post/sections/3/Files/Hotline 2017.pdf

 CPC/PI (Michele B) Last month we participated in the Omaha Health, Wellness, and Fitness Expo at the Baxter Arena 4/7/2018 thru 4/8/2018. I won’t have the numbers on how many visitors we had until next meeting. When I was there Sunday we had multiple people stop and ask questions. We also handed out literature along with hotline and Alanon phone numbers. Michele B  CPC/PI District 23
 GSR Reports No report
 Old Business:

Create a D23 mission statement.  No consensus on mission statement or what the purpose of D23 is about.  Take a month to think about it.  Revisit on May 3, 2018. Table and remove the discussion. Motion do not include a D23 mission statement.  Seconded.  Passed.

Non-Profit vs profit treatment center question. Should we invite for profit treatment center patients to the events and have it be free?  As we are affiliating ourselves with for profit treatment. Motion that D23’s  position welcome those people who want to attend our D23 events and we don’t exclude anyone based on treatment center affiliation, ability to pay and D23 will actively invite in accordance with the 3rd Tradition.   Seconded.   Passed.

New Business: None

Non-Profit vs. profit treatment center question.

Area 41 2018 Meeting Dates: July 21-22; October 13-14

Ramada Columbus Hotel and Conference Center 265 33rd Ave Columbus, NE 68601

Area 41 Treasurer

16758 Arcadia

Omaha, NE 68116

Phone: 402-709-4341

Email: nickkissel@gmail.com

Next Meeting: Thursday, June 7, 2018, 6:30 p.m.

Trinity Methodist Church & Community Center 8009 Q St Ralston


As Marilyn Sees It

Dear Marilyn,

My sponsor says I should work the steps.  All of them.  In order. What should I do? Get a new sponsor?  Thank you, a Newcomer,

Dear Newcomer,

No, you should not get a new sponsor.  Yes, you need to work all the steps and in order. Why do you think they are numbered?

Dear Marilyn,

My sponsor says I don’t know as much as I think.  I’m 30 days sober.  Thank you, an Oldtimer.

Dear Oldtimer, you are not. Keep coming back.

If you would like to submit an article to the newsletter, please send it to Marilyn C. at mjcbellevue@gmail.com